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The natural tooth should be cared for as long as possible. However, severe tooth decay, an abscess, an advanced gum disease or an injury can damage the natural tooth. Then, the natural tooth will need to be removed.

Periodontist’s will diagnose the condition of a tooth, and then, they will decide whether the tooth can be saved or whether it will need to be extracted. Sometimes, the only solution to severe decay or disease is a tooth removal.

After a tooth extraction, it is important to preserve the tooth removal site. The bone surrounding the teeth is called the alveolar bone. This bone supports the teeth. Therefore, when a tooth extraction happens, the bone starts to collapse. The gum tissue thins out from the bone and dissolves. To stop this from happening, an individual can choose several options before the tooth removal.

South Park dentists can recommend the best ways to preserve the extraction site. Preserving the socket site will offer patients the option for a future restoration. Without the site preservation, future restoration could be at risk.

A non-traumatic extraction can help retain the alveolar ridge after the removal of a tooth. This technique is designed to help preserve the bone, reduce discomfort and reduce bleeding. Another option for preserving the socket site is socket grafting, which is a technique that involves adding bone replacement material to the socket. This method will not last indefinitely, since the graft may dissolve away over time. However, dental implants can be used several months after an extraction to provide support to the jawbone, and the dental implant will last longer than the socket grafting.

South Park dentists can discuss the available options for site preservation. They will help each individual choose the option that is best for his or her particular situation.


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