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In the past five years, a vast array of creams, paste, paint-on chemicals and even UV light kits have flooded the market. Each one promises a unique, easy-to-use way of teeth whitening, but it is not always a sure thing that these products will get the results desired in a timely manner. Some of these products can also cause an excessive amount of pain and sensitivity in people who are predisposed for sensitive teeth. That is why it may be better to seek out dentists in South Park in Charlotte, North Carolina instead.

When taking cosmetic whitening options into consideration, realize that not all teeth whitening has to be done in a dentist chair. Dentists in South Park can send patients home with a whitening kit that will both be superior in whitening effectiveness and free of complications like swollen gums and sensitive teeth.

Whitening that is performed in a dental office will always be more effective than cosmetic whitening done with a home kit bought from a store. The reasoning behind this is that a dental professional can evaluate which method of treatment will be most effective on the spot.

Common options for whitening include Zoom! Teeth Whitening, Zoom2 and Deep Bleaching. Each system is tailored to fit the lives of busy people and each affects teeth in different ways and the effectiveness of each whitening method can only be decided in person by our South Park cosmetic dentist.

When a dental professional who has experience in the field of cosmetic whitening is involved, there is no need for trial and error. The most effective and pain-free whitening will be performed at the best value to the patient. Therefore, it only makes sense that an evaluation from a dentist should be taken into consideration before deciding on which method of whitening is best for the individual patient.

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