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Same-Day Crowns

A New Crown in 90 Minutes? It’s Possible with Our Same-Day Crowns 

One of the best things about dentistry is that it’s constantly changing. One of the newest innovations to come about is the CEREC, or Ceramic Reconstruction, machine. This incredible device can scan your teeth and mill a new crown in just one 90-minute dentist appointment. That means no more biting down on a metal tray filled with gooey impression material, and no more wearing a temporary crown for two weeks while a dental lab makes the final product. Our patients can walk in needing a crown, and walk out wearing one—it’s just that simple!

How Does CEREC Work? 

When a patient comes in for a single-day crown, veneer, or inlay, one of our South Charlotte dentists will digitally scan the area where restoration is needed, using a highly sensitive precision wand. As the wand scans the area, it builds a virtual model of the mouth and teeth, which the patient can watch form on the screen.

Once the machine has created the digital model, it then designs a crown, veneer, or inlay. The dentist will examine the design for any imperfections and approve it. The milling element of the machine will then create the restoration out of color-matched porcelain. Finally, the restoration is test-fitted to the area, any final adjustments are made, and the restoration is permanently bonded to the tooth.

A CEREC restoration is final, not temporary, and is of the same quality we would expect to receive from a traditional dental lab. The patient is able to achieve a perfect restoration in just a single visit.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns aren’t just great because they are convenient. They are also better for your dental health, too. Temporary crowns often become dislodged, often forcing the patient to return for a re-bonding. Patients can even swallow the tooth, necessitating a new one to be made, or bite down on it while eating, cracking one of the healthy teeth. Same-Day CEREC crowns make your life much easier, and they also make dentists much happier, too!

Want Same-Appointment Crowns in South Park or South Charlotte?

If you’d like to learn more about this cutting-edge new dental technology, request an appointment with us today by calling our office at 704-362-1211, or by filling out our online form!

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