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At our South Park dentist office, we often find that patients are reluctant to pursue dentures as a solution for missing teeth. We blame years of popular TV shows making a gag of dentures “popping out” of characters’ mouths. In reality, properly-fitted dentures should never “pop out” or even shift while the patient is chewing or talking. They’re a simple, cost-effective solution that can, in many cases, totally transform a patient’s life for the better. To get an idea of what we’re talking about, keep reading.

Speak and Communicate Confidently

Patients who are missing some, or all, of their teeth often struggle to make themselves understood. Certain teeth are instrumental in pronouncing certain syllables, and those without them may develop a lisp. Dentures help you speak and communicate as well as you could before you lost your teeth. If your speech impediment has caused you to become shy and reluctant to speak, dentures will reverse that effect, too!

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Nothing reminds you that you are missing teeth like trying to eat your favorite foods, like steak or fruits. With dentures, you will be able to eat the same way you did with your natural teeth. Not only will this improve your level of happiness (because who wants to miss out on their favorite foods?) it will result in an improved diet, too. People who are missing teeth often lack fiber and nutrients, since they cannot eat crunchy fruits and vegetables. Dentures will help your entire body and digestive track, not just your taste buds.

Regain Your Confidence

A professional set of dentures is usually indistinguishable from natural teeth, meaning the majority of people will not even be able to tell that you are using a dental prosthetic. You will be able to smile for pictures at social gatherings, take“selfies”with children or grandchildren, and carry yourself with confidence!

Improve Your Appearance

One common consequence of having missing teeth is that the face becomes “droopy”or saggy without an underlying dental structure to support it. This in turn can cause the patient to appear older than they really are. Dentures will help preserve your facial structure, helping you to feel happier and more confident!

Want to learn more about how dentures can improve your quality of life? Stop by our South Charlotte dentist office today! Click here to request a consultation appointment.

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