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Dental procedures that correct and improve someone’s oral health and appearance are referred to as cosmetic dentistry. There are nine different dental specialties regulated by the American Dental Association, but not all specialties contain the applicable skills of a cosmetic dentist. An Endodontist may perform a root canal, but it will be one of the dentists in South Park who provides the dental cosmetics of fitting a cap or crown to cover the tooth area that was drilled through for the root canal.

A cosmetic dentist, already certified for other dental specialties, is able to treat teeth, gums, jaw and tongue issues. As described in the source information article: the dentists in South Park can employ a full array of techniques to whiten their patients’ teeth. Those methods include tray bleaching, laser bleaching, tooth strips, special toothpaste, and Britesmile kits for the dental office and home use. These South Park dentists go beyond regular dental exams and cleaning. They can smooth the surface of a chipped or damaged tooth and re-align teeth that have moved due to empty spaces or overcrowded areas.

The dentists in South Park can straighten uneven and protruding teeth with Invisalign to achieve an even appearance and enable the patient with pain-free healthy chewing and talking abilities. These corrective procedures are positive techniques to prevent associated dental problems with the gums and the jaw.

A cosmetic dentist is a mouth’s best advocate. Not only does the dentist exam and clean a person’s teeth, but with his added cosmetic knowledge a person may never need to see a Periodontist or an Oral Surgeon. An individual who practices daily dental hygiene, sees the dentist regularly, and has corrective treatment done at the first sign of a problem is someone who will enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles that will highlight healthy teeth and gums.

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