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Cerec Primescan:
Same-Appointment Crown/Implant Restoration

There are a number of treatment options to help restore damaged teeth. Depending on the severity of the case, dental crowns are used to preserve the tooths original form and functionality.

At 32 Inspired Dentistry, we have the new CEREC Primescan which is the most advanced digital scanner on the market. It’s providing a level of accuracy never before seen in dentistry. It allows you to process more than 1 million 3D points per second with perfect sharpness. It also has shade matching technology to aid the human eye in trying to match your natural teeth to the color of your crown. MOST importantly, these crowns can be completed from start to finish in just one 90 minute appointment. No more need for temporary crowns and the two-week waiting period.

This technology can also be used to construct implant crowns/restorations. Once again, in just one 90 minute appointment.

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